tirsdag den 4. september 2012

Them' 4

Perhaps i have not really ever been the one who wrote perfect language, the perfect quotes, been the one who inspires everyone around, the one to look up to, the smiling person and the one who said what we are all thinking, but what we can describe. Who does not dream about being like that? I mean, i do not think there is any girls in the World, who wants to be the one that inspires every other girls, treats them how to say to the guy that never really loved you, or wear the Loubutins with the price we can not even afford.

Today is September 4. It means, four moth till christmas, four moth till birthday, four month to year-changeing. It means, another year already is passed by, again. Well, sometimes it could have been ok to stop time and start thinking. I mean the days passes by faster than i can not even follow though. When i say them four, i can not stop think about four month ago, when i made myself those wishes we all do every day; stay sharp, be grateful, smile, work out, do your homework, and so on.... Bla bla bla. Have i not heard that before? I guess so. It is all that boring as it use to. 

So my conclusion might be = the times i running, and nothing ever change. Even though something bad happens, we do not even give a shit. I am not sure that i believe that people really change? WE as humans even can change?  The only thing that changes, is the World outside. everything gets to sterile n' cold. As the wall in our houses, the color on our phones, the smell of our skin = its all BLACK AND WHITE. In 100 years we might be robots who doesn't even love and cares about the World. Because the World is as we have created it to be, all stylish and clean. What about fighting with our love.. If there a tiny little thing in a relationship, we can be separated or break up, we do not even take the fight up, and do something about it.....because nobody cares anymore. Why walk away from the problems, why not fight them back?

The topic could have been what ever i really want it to. But to make it better and a little more structure, i think a topic would been good. For now, i have to be half a human half a robot. Cause that is what we really, deeply wants to, we just doesn't know yet. 

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