søndag den 12. februar 2012


I was in a really good mood today, so I thought it was time to a little a refreshment. 
A wonderful and sunny Sunday as today was exactly what i needed. I was creative and went to Ikea. However, has not yet found out what should be in context. Any suggestions?

It is unbelievable how much sun can provide energy. Energy both physically and mentally! LOVELY! Hope you all are having a fresh, lovely, beauty and indescribable Sunday as I have!

onsdag den 8. februar 2012


Do you know the feeling of burn inside with stuff and you do not know who you need to tell it about? Things like really urelevante but witch fills your head anyway? 
Yeap.. That is why I have me a fantastic friend! I am sure we all are the lucky owner of such a one! So, today i decided to dedicate the day to my best friend! I needed to talk, relax and enjoy a good evening. Last week she got operated so I thought it was quality-time for us!
As always I took some pics. Besides the fact we both looked like shit and she probably want to kill me for putting the pictures on the blog, it was a successful evening. Anyway, we eat chinese food, lighted candles and had a great time! When everything is gray and nothing can keep you up, is it really something I can recommend;)

fredag den 3. februar 2012


If you are the lucky owner of an equally red and dry skin, as I am, I can really recommend these lovely products that I have now acquired me. Have a good Friday! 

Delicious brunch for a lovely day

Its 8.00 AM and its a cold morning. I bet its gonna be a cold day though.. I decided to make a delicious brunch, as a good start. Hope you are having a good start too. Have a cold and beautiful day 


Tuna salad with...... 
Tuna: 111 kcal. pr. 100
Carrot: 40 kcal pr. 100 
Cucumber: 15 kcal pr. 100 
Onion: 46 kcal pr. 100 
A38 (0,1%): 40 kcal pr. 100