torsdag den 26. januar 2012


Love, love, sweet love. What is it? If you ask me, there are two kinds. "Normal sweet love" and "to be in love"-love. Normal love, could be the love of a beautiful summer dress, a delicious chocolate cake, a glass of wine or an evening with the girls. It could be the love to your car, to your family or your homework? 
The feeling of being loved or loving. A mixed feeling of safety, security and the feeling to have something to wake up to at the morning; those you love. To know you are loved and love to other. A little torment here and there because of bickering, is also okay, if you ask me. Cause if you have not been on the floor and felt hatred, how do we know that we have reached the top, and have felt the love? 
Feeling: I LIVE

The feeling of "being in love" is something completely different. When I close my eyes and think of the feeling "being in love", I think about some specific adjectives; Out of control. Wonderful. Butterflies. Inexplicable. Nausea. Soft knee. High heart rate. Joy. 
To be in love, all my adjective as high at their maximum. My body is completely out of control. I could walk on water or fly like a bird, if you wanted. Everything is so newborn, so untouched, so perfect and so wonderful. Nothing can tear me down, it feels like to be on top, day in and day out. When we look into each others eyes, it mostly feels like enchanting. A famine that never occurs, the knees which is as soft as butter. One's heart rate which is constantly running at full stretch because the idea of "in love" always reminds you. 

The following stage is the stage filled with understanding and forgiveness. Begin to learn each other's good and bad sides. Learn to understand each other's positions and views on life. To learn and give each other space. Room for fun, seriousness and traditions. Need ... Like need each other when one is away. Not as "need" a cup of coffee. But as the heartbreaking missing and longing for the other person. The feeling of your World extremely quick could collapse. A kiss that is so loving and wonderful that the whole World could stand still, and you wouldn't even know. 

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